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Up the Amazon Without a Paddle

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Published 04/14/2020

You might have to wait months before you get your toilet paper from Amazon. Amazon is taking action to deal with the surge in online demand.

  • Still hiring! After hiring 100,000 more employees in March, Amazon is looking to add 75,000 more to fill their facilities.
  • Get in line. New Amazon grocery delivery customers are being placed on waiting lists; they’re focusing on existing customers.

Investing in Employees. Amazon is continuing to give workers $2 raises and double overtime pay.

Whole Foods too. Amazon-owned Whole Foods is shortening hours to focus on existing customers.

Struggles. Amazon is struggling to keep essential supplies in stock, and waiting times are starting to stack months.

  • Fighting price gougers. The e-commerce giant is fighting sellers who are marking up essentials to ridiculous prices. Don’t price gouge or hoard supplies! 

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