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3 Easy Steps To Getting Started With Stock Trading

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3 Easy Ways To Start Investing In Stocks

If you’re interested in stock trading, there’s no need to sit around waiting for the perfect time to get started. 

The best time is now!

Find out how to get started trading without taking risks or investing a lot of money, plus learn where to go to build your skills, in these four steps to getting started with stock trading.

Step 1: Open A Brokerage Account

Before you can purchase stocks, you need a licensed professional, called a stockbroker, to buy and sell shares.

We recommend signing up for an account at Webull, which has no minimum deposit requirements and doesn’t charge you to open an account.

Once your account is set up and confirmed, you can begin to trade stocks with the Webull app from almost any device, computer, or trading platform. Its software is available on all the major operating systems: iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

One of the reasons we think you’ll like Webull is their no-commission-on-trades policy. Most brokers charge commissions on trades, which means you can rack up many fees if you’re frequently trading.

As a beginner trader, some of the other things you want to look for in a brokerage firm include:

  • A robust yet intuitive platform interface on mobile and desktop
  • Low barriers to entry so you don’t need to invest a lot of money or jump through hoops to get started
  • A legitimate, reputable service with excellent reviews

Webull meets every one of these recommendations, and that’s why we love it for beginners (and advanced traders, too!). 

Why not give it a try? Head over to Webull today and start your adventure as a stock trader without breaking the bank!

Step 2. Network With Other Traders

You can get advice, form relationships, and up your trading game by networking with other traders in community forums.

If you join a popular platform, such as Webull, you’ll enjoy access to thousands of investors through official and unofficial Webull community groups.

For example, Penny Stocks W/ Webull & Robinhood for Beginners is a private group for investors with more than 76,000 members and 1,500+ monthly posts.

You can find several active Webull communities by searching “Webull” on Facebook. Or, for a smaller-group approach, search Reddit to discover Webull threads and groups.

When you invest in active stocks, it opens up a vast community of people with similar interests. 

Networking with other investors will help you gain insights you can’t get from books, and you may even find a mentor or friend to partner with.

Step 3: Start Small

Along with any investment comes risk. Stock trading can be particularly risky, especially when you’re learning the ropes.

Don’t risk losing more than what you can afford to when you’re learning your way around. Instead, find a stock trading platform that makes it easy to start small.

One way to get started without investing any money is by paper trading, which is a way to buy and sell stocks without real money.

Another low-risk approach (if you manage your budget carefully) is buying and selling penny stocks. Penny stocks can be a safe way to trade low-cost stocks (less than $5 each).

If you join Webull (for free), you can test your proficiency by entering a paper trading competition to compete for cash prizes. 

Thanks to its zero-commission trading, you can also buy and sell penny stocks on Webull without racking up fees.

It can be fun and easy to get started trading stocks, and if you start small, you can avoid losing a lot of money while you’re learning. 

Look for a brokerage firm such as Webull that allows you to start small and grow into intermediate and advanced trading on the same platform.

Get Started Trading Stocks Today

If you’re interested in stock trading, there’s no need to wait until you’re “ready” to get started. 

Finding the right brokerage firm means you can jump in and start trading without taking much, if any, risk.

Webull allows you to open an account with no minimum deposit requirements, and they don’t charge any commission fees on your trades. 

You can start small with paper trading and penny stocks and work your way up to bigger trades when you feel you’re ready.

Webull’s platform also provides the elements that advanced traders love, making it an excellent brokerage service for people who want to learn and grow their active investing skills. Try Webull today!

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