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Be Honest With Yourself

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Work every minute you’re awake.

That’s the tone of the voices in the entrepreneurial world. It makes sense too. It’s audacious to think that we can execute on a business so skillfully that it will change lives and allow us to escape the drudgery of a 9-5. 

I really believe that putting in the work while everyone is asleep is the key to making it happen. That means waking up at 3AM-4AM or getting off your corporate job and hustling from 7PM-12AM. It’s simply putting in the hours.

For a few months, I was waking up at 4 AM to meditate, pray, workout, and eat breakfast. Occasionally, I would even film for my YouTube channel before getting into the office at 8 AM. It was an awesome feeling walking into work having so much accomplished. 

I would routinely go to bed at 9:30 PM and wake up around 3:30 AM-3:45 AM. Stumbling to the bathroom to turn off the alarm I would feel lost. My head would feel like it was floating and my mind was trying to grasp that it was morning. I never failed to get tasks finished despite my weariness, however coffee was a crutch for me.

I wish I could say that I kept this routine and that 6 hours of sleep was perfect for me. Unfortunately, I would be lying. I found out that my temper was wild, that I was incredibly irritable, and not nearly as productive as I wanted to be. Worst of all, my mind wasn’t right.

I was doubting myself all the time, feeling insecure, and overthinking every little thing.

I was even poisoning great relationships.

This was when I had to be honest with myself. The early mornings weren’t beneficial. I wasn’t hustling. I wasn’t making it happen. I was just waking up and moving around. That’s not productive, that’s not work.

I urge everyone to be brutally honest with themselves and self-evaluate. Look at your current routines and habits and see if they’re working. Is your morning routine helping you put your mind in the right space? Is it moving you towards your dreams? Maybe you’re just practicing habits that you read about in a popular self-help book that actually isn’t beneficial to you. 

Look at yourself and be honest with what needs to happen. If you need to get more sleep, get more sleep. Go get 8 hours of sleep so that the 16 you’re awake are fruitful.

It’s not just about hustling and grinding. It’s about knowing yourself and what you need in order to function. If you’re just doing things to check them off a list to feel good about yourself, you’re not being honest with yourself. 

When it comes to work, business, and personal cut off the things that don’t work or add value. Evaluate consistently, seek feedback constantly, and execute accordingly. The more often you act on true data the better off you’ll be.

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