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Fear Is Motivation

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My biggest fear will become a reality when one of my parents dies.

I’m immobilized by death. That’s only half of it though, I’m afraid of the expectations. The expectations that I will need to swoop in, provide for my family, and run the home. It’s sort of like leveling up to a whole new tier of adulthood that I’m not prepared for.

In case it hasn’t been clear in my other blog posts–I’m not financially free yet. I’m still an average guy, at an average job, and making average money. Life is pretty average. If something huge like this were to happen I would be thrown off track in terms of my personal goals, dreams, and happiness.

A lot of people just say things like “Choose your own happiness!” and “Put yourself first!” It doesn’t quite work like that. I’ve been translating for my family since I could speak, driving my mom around since I got my license, and throwing “extra” money at the family since I’ve been earning a paycheck. Choosing myself over my family is tremendously difficult.

My other biggest fear is not having the opportunity to chase after my dreams and being stuck in a job. I’m freaked out about being caged into a lifestyle that isn’t according to my desires. At the same time, I’m not the kind of guy that ditches his family.

This fear and worry can be used in 2 ways. I can use it to force myself on working harder, longer, and smarter on the projects I’m already invested in. Alternatively, I can just live in fear. I can just tell myself that my dream is “someday” and that there’s going to be a PERFECT time for my business to take flight.


There’s no such thing as the ideal time. There are no ideal situations that emerge from nothingness. We all need to face that truth. Pushing work off into some distant flawless fairy tale future painted with pink clouds, gumdrops, and unicorns is not the right thing to do. That world doesn’t exist.

We only have today to start, to continue, to make progress. Things are constantly changing. I’m grossly frightened at the thought of losing one of my parents and being unprepared for it financially. I have allowed that to move me in the direction of my goals.

Life will always catch you off balance. Do everything you can so it doesn’t. Resolve to start your business today, make your first YouTube video today, post that first blog article, or upload that podcast.

Fear can stop you. Fear might be the gravelly smoker voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough, or that no one will listen to what you have to say. Fear likes to talk, and I know that voice too well; its been controlling me for a while. That same voice echoes in my mind when I think about creating less. That’s when I know I need to create more.

Use fear as motivation and don’t stop. You WILL make it happen.

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