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This Site Can Save You 40% On Life Insurance

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How To Save 40% on Life Insurance

Life insurance shouldn’t cost a lot of money, especially if you’re young and healthy. 

If you don’t know how to comparison shop for insurance, though, you can end up paying waaaay too much.

Different insurance companies charge different rates and prices fluctuate. If you don’t comparison shop, you’ll probably overpay for life insurance.

We Found A Legit Insurance Comparison Site

The problem with finding the best rates on life insurance is that comparison sites can be shady.

Some will sell your information to marketing and sales companies, landing you in a world of spam. Others will hound you to buy before you fully understand what you’re purchasing. 

Some will even pressure you to purchase policies they KNOW aren’t best for you because it’s more profitable for their company.

The good news is that we found one site that allows you to compare rates without taking any of those risks.

Policygenius lets you compare life insurance quotes from top companies in less than three minutes (at no cost to you), and here’s why we LOVE it:

✓ Save 40 – 50% on life insurance by using the site to compare rates.

✓ Talk to a licensed expert anytime for free (by phone or email).

✓ Get unbiased advice from licensed experts who are not incentivized to sell you one policy over another.

✓ All your information is secure, so you don’t end up getting spammed or hounded by salespeople.

Policygenius experts genuinely work on your behalf to help you find and purchase the best life insurance policy for your situation. 

They don’t pressure you to buy from one company over another or hound you to buy a specific policy. 

An Insurance Marketplace You Can Trust

Policygenius is a third-part broker, so you can rely on quotes and recommendations that don’t favor one insurance company over another. 

If you’ve never purchased insurance before, licensed experts are standing by to guide you every step of the way.

I’m ready to talk to an expert at Policygenius about life insurance!

Savings That Lasts For Decades

Imagine you save ten dollars a month on your life insurance and lock in the price by selecting a fixed-rate, twenty-year term policy. 

That adds up to more than ten dollars a month — it’s $120 per year for the length of your term!

On a 20-year policy, that ten-dollar monthly savings adds up to $2,400 over your term — just for taking 3 minutes to compare prices on Policygenius.

Unlike other insurtech startups, Pg serves customers from all 50 states. That means that once you find the lowest-priced policy, you can purchase it directly through them.

Want To Put Your Purchase On Hold?

If you want to procrastinate on buying life insurance, we can’t stop you.

But every year you put off buying a policy, your rates go up because life insurance gets more expensive as you get older.

Life insurance goes up in price an average of 4.5% in your 30’s, 7.8% in your 40’s, and 9.2% in your 50’s.

But, when you purchase a fixed term life policy when you’re young, you can lock in lower rates for up to 30 years.

You’ll never be more insurable than you are today.

Policygenius makes it simple to get the best rates and purchase a life insurance policy. If you’ve never purchased life insurance before, you’ll love their support team. 

They can help you negotiate pricing, fill out paperwork, and even set up a medical appointment for you — all at no cost.

Now that you know where to go and who to trust to guide you through the process, there’s no need to put off buying life insurance.

Find the lowest rates and lock them in now to protect your family in the future!

Compare rates on Policygenius now – it only takes 3 minutes!

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