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4 Ways to Deal With Setbacks and Remain Persistent

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Several months have gone by. Zero sales. Negligible traffic. No likes, shares, or comments. Is it time to give up?

Well, let’s look at the numbers. Hmm…zero sure comes up a lot in terms of results, but hours, days, and even weeks of work has been done! What’s the problem?

It could be anything. Maybe it’s even that you’ve worked so much that the quality of the work is slipping. All the internet gurus say to “persevere” and “persist”, but what does that really mean?

We all push through setbacks in different ways. Currently, I’m hitting a wall with a few things I’m working on. So, instead of getting more headaches, stress eating, and losing sleep I’ve decided to take a step back from my work. Here are 4 things I recommend doing in case you’re dealing with setbacks and trying to remain persistent.

1) Take a Break

I’m definitely doing this right now because it’s incredibly easy to get consumed by work, especially if you love it. Unfortunately, love typically leads to heartbreak. Imagine busting your butt all day, every day, for months to yield no results.

Zip. Zero. Nada. NOTHING!

I know the feeling. It sucks to see all the hard work, dedication, and time have no payoff. Some people quit here. Don’t be those people. You started for a reason, remember it.

Instead of leaving the business altogether take a break. The right amount of time for a break should be determined by you. Be generous enough such that the time helps you revitalize, but not so generous you become lazy.

I’ve prescribed myself 1 week to de-stress, unclutter my mind, and re-focus my desire. For me, a break entails staying away from the business and focusing more on self-development/self-education.

A break doesn’t have to be slouching on the couch, binge-watching Netflix, and eating pizza. It can be though if it adds value to your life. However, suit your break to your needs–get fresh air, hit the gym, take a walk, talk to a friend, get a massage, just about anything that helps you.

2) Watch, Listen, and Read Motivational Things

I’m a total sucker for this. I’m one of those people who always shares motivational quotes that are typed over some irrelevant picture. I’m sorry my people have annoyed you with positivity on social media.

Personally, all the quotes and interviews help me put things in perspective. Success comes with time. There are a number of celebrities and business owners who didn’t hit their stride until their 40s. Moreover, there are people who’ve launched dozens of businesses that have failed, but we only hear about the 1 successful business.

Educate yourself on those stories because it might offer you a new way to think about things.

3) Come Up With a New Strategy

Obvious, right? I’ll spare you the quote about insanity. Simply reflect on everything you’ve done and how it’s worked out.

If different results are the goal then a different strategy is the tool. Maybe you own an awesome food truck, but no one is lining up! Have people stopped being hungry? Probably not. It’s likely time to start advertising online, attending local food truck festivals and going to the customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Think differently, act differently, get different results.

4) Tackle Smaller (or Different) Parts of the Goal

If you’re trying to lose 25 lbs you don’t drop all the weight in one day. It’s a process of eating right, working out, and losing about 2-3lbs each week. It’s not beneficial to reach day 3 of your workout regimen and think “WHAT?! I haven’t lost any weight!” The overarching goal is important, but so are the smaller milestones.

Imagine getting injured and then being unable to work out as intensely. Simple fix, focus on the other part of fitness–nutrition. Get those greens and proteins!

Similarly, this is an excellent way to approach business. Don’t focus on 1000 sales by the end of the year, focus on 20 sales/week. That’s manageable.

Flabbergasted that all the ads for your business aren’t resulting in conversions? That’s depressing, exhausting, and stressful–yes, I know from experience. Work on something else besides marketing. Research current trends, find where customers are going, and learn what they want/need. Then, deliver that product or service to them in the easiest way possible.


My break is nearly over. Soon I’ll be diving back into my projects. I’m excited! That’s the thing about working on your own plans, it’s enjoyable. There’s so much to look forward to. I’m convinced that this reinvigorated version of myself will transform those zero sales into some actual numbers. Let’s get back out there and make it happen!

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