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State of the Market

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Published 10/27/2020

What happened?

Monday’s stock market sell-off could be the start to a tough week on Wall Street.

The perfect storm for uncertainty – the pandemic, a stimulus (or lack there of), and an election:

  • The pandemic: The U.S. just hit a record amount of new cases in one day. 37 states have seen spikes of at least 5% in the past week.
  • The stimulus: Nothing to report here and that makes the market nervous.
  • The election: We’re one week away from the election.

Earnings beat: Corporate profits are performing at a record pace compared to expectations, but these performances aren’t impressing investors.

  • And the (few) companies that have missed on earnings expectations are being punished more than usual

Uncertainty is a scary thought to the stock market. The pandemic, lack of stimulus, and the election are creating an unclear picture for what’s to come.

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