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Cashiers Aren’t Welcome At Amazon

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Published 02/26/2020

What happened?

E-commerce goes brick and mortar, but without cashiers.

The Amazon empire expands. After 5 years in the making, the first cashier-less Amazon (    ) Go grocery store made its debut in Seattle.

  • 0 human interaction required. Shoppers can come in, scan products’ QR codes with an Amazon mobile app, then just walk out. Uhh, did I even pay for this?
  • Whole Foods 2.0. Amazon Go focuses on natural and organic brands. Avocado…toast?

How does it affect my wallet?

Amazon is squeezing itself further into the $800 billion US grocery market.

  • They are staying hot on the tails of grocery giants like Walmart, Kroger, 7-Eleven, and Instacart.

The future is autonomous. 7-Eleven and Walmart’s Sam’s Club are also experimenting with cashier-free stores in Texas. Cashiers are in trouble.

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