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The Facial Recognition Opposition

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The Facial Recognition Opposition

Published 11/19/2019

What Happened?

No, we’re not talking about a Black Mirror episode. 

Privacy vs. security. Tech companies and governments are seesawing between prioritizing public privacy or public security with new facial recognition technology.

Is it tech-evil? Are you worried? Lots of people are. 

  • Portland, Maine’s city council plans to discuss an all-out ban over the technology’s potential civil rights violations Monday.
  • Protestors in Hong Kong were spotted sawing down facial recognition towers to protect their identities.

How Does it Affect My Wallet?

Fear detected *beep*. Tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft made public claims that they’re putting privacy first.

  • Amazon shareholders have expressed displeasure about Amazon selling fear-detecting technology to police.

Lie detected *beep*. Tech giants are stressing the importance of privacy, but aren’t supporting any bans of the technology.

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