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Target Holds Your Spot in Line

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Published 10/23/2020

What Happened?

Target is adding more features to its stores to make holiday shopping experiences safer.

Target vs. Covid-19. The major retailer is making moves to counter the spike in Covid cases by adding more convenience and precaution for customers.

  • Target is adding 8,000 additional curbside pickup spots at its stores, with up to 12 more spots per store.
  • Employees will have mobile checkout devices throughout the store so customers can check out faster. Target will add 1,000 more of these throughout the United States.
  • Customers will be allowed to use their smartphones in self-checkout stations.
  • 1,500 (80%) of locations will offer fresh and frozen groceries at curbside pickup.

How Does it Affect My Wallet?

Holiday SZN changes. On average, shoppers are planning to visit 5.2 retail stores for the holiday. Last year the average was 7 stores

We’re hiring:

  • Target plans on hiring an additional 130,000 new employees for the holidays.
  • UPS and FedEx plan on hiring a combined 170,000 seasonal employees.

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