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The Perfect Storm for Natural Gas

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Published 10/13/2020

You smell that? It’s natural gas – and its prices are surging.

Natural gas prices jumped to their highest level in two years yesterday. Why? 

  • Short answer: Colder temps and hurricanes.

Long answer: Demand for heat and power skyrockets in the colder months. More people heating their homes = higher demand for natural gas. Higher demand = higher prices.

Still with us? 

Weather or not, here we come. Weather also can play a role in the price of natural gas and energy.

Investors are scoping out the damage caused by Hurricane Delta – a Cat 2 storm that hit Louisiana over the weekend.

  • Extreme weather like hurricanes or tornadoes force energy companies to shut down natural gas production so explosions don’t occur.

Prices have rallied over 15% so far this month and are up around 60% in the past three months.

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