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The Road to Superbowl LIV Left a Trail of Cash

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Published 01/31/2020

What Happened?

The road to Miami for Superbowl LIV wasn’t easy (or cheap) for teams, taxpayers, or advertisers this year. 

Going to Miami *Will Smith voice*: Miami taxpayers have the Super Bowl costs covered this year. The bill? 

  • The city of Miami will be spending an estimated $20 million on safety.

49ers got pockets full of gold. The 49ers and Chiefs are about to clash, both with impressive season records — but what was the cost to get there?

  • Chief Executive Savor: The Chiefs only spent $167 million (least in NFL) on their players this year.
  • Spent to the Nines: The 49ers spent a record of $222 million (most in NFL) on their rosters’ salary.

Advertisers’ Hail Mary

The Superbowl of ads. NFL teams aren’t the only ones that had to compete to make it to Sunday’s game.

  • All Superbowl TV ad spots were sold out by November at $5.6 million per 30-seconds.

Pick-6: Cost-per-second of Superbowl ad time is at an all-time high. 

Safety: Viewership is on the decline.

  • The Superbowl in 2019 drew in 5% fewer viewers than in 2018.

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