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The Battle of the Search Engines

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Published 10/29/2020

What happened?

With Google (GOOGL -5.24%) on the legal hot seat, there have been further developments in the search engine industry.

Apple is searching. Apple (AAPL -3.27%) has stealthily started rolling out more of its iPhone search technology.

  • iPhone users with iOS 14 are now using Apple’s own search results, something that has slipped under the radar of many users.
  • Google pays Apple anywhere from $8 billion to $12 billion per year to be Apple products’ default search engine.

How does it affect my wallet?

Bada bing. Microsoft’s (MSFT -4.20%) Bing search engine has seen a 10% drop in search advertising revenue from last year.

  • Bada bang: Bing and Google have historically stayed on similar trends for search ad revenue, which could spell a grim earnings report for Google.

With a hurting economy, marketing budgets have been cut across industries, putting a direct strain on search engine companies.

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