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The Space Race Gets Trashy

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Published 02/18/2020

What happened?

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk up in your…thermosphere.

Human-made space junk could be standing in the way of full global coverage for the internet.

Space race. SpaceX (TSLA -0.49%), OneWeb, Telesat (LORL -1.75%), and Amazon (AMZN -0.70%) are all planning to launch a total of 46,100 satellites into orbit over the next few years.

  • They will need to dodge the over 22,300 pieces of space junk (and this is only traceable debris).

How does it affect my wallet? 

Sky high goals. These tech companies aim to provide high-speed internet to 100% of the Earth using a ‘megaconstellation’ of low-orbit satellites.

  • 49% of global households are still not connected to the internet.

Houston, we have a problem. If all of the projects get fully approved, there will be more debris in Earth’s orbit than ever. Regulations are up in the air.

  • Swiss-owned Start-up ClearSpace and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are starting debris cleanup projects as early as 2022.

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