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Brandon Boon

Brandon Boon is a Canadian-American writer and entrepreneur, with areas of expertise ranging from health and fitness to personal finance and investing. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, double-majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Brandon spent his teen years writing, recording, and performing music in several bands, and this background established the idea of putting discipline into one’s passions for true fulfillment. During these teenage years, he got an early start to the world of investing. First, it was just a means of supplemental income, but later, it evolved into a highly effective wealth-building tool. In university, he started an online fitness-coaching business driven through various social media platforms, and recently started an energy drink company, Aura, which has just received private equity. When he’s (rarely) not working on his personal ventures, he goes back to his roots and spends time writing music, researching enthusiast cars, or hanging with his Bengals. To connect with Brandon, find him on LinkedIn at or check out his most recent startup on Instagram @aurabeverageco.